Choose Bulk.

Here, you'll find our selection of bulk products including a little description.
We provide reusable airtight jars. This system is a way to save money, hassles and reduce waste. All of our bulk selection is natural. Some of the products are certified organic.
B.Y.O; You are encourage to bring your own containers.

You forgot your containers? Don’t worry!
We now have recycled, clean jars at your disposition.

Simple steps for a zero-waste shopping experience:
1. Bring your jar or buy one on place.  
2. I fill it with the required amount of your selection
3. I weigh and that's it! It's easy as 1,2,3.
4. You go back home, smile on your face, basket full of wholesome goodness, without any fancy packaging!

You'll always buy the product itself. That's our aim. 

Seek the simplicity
❀ ✌︎